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Acting Out: A Division of Edge-u-cation

Edge-u-cation….Edgy teaching resources that tell it like it is, or rather, was.  Subjects ranging from the shameful Trail of Tears to Columbus’ stumbling upon America reveal what really happened, in the form of short and pithy plays in which students often portray more than one non-gender-specific role at a time.

Instead of Beethoven being portrayed as the musical genius we all knew he was, “G-Force Spins Beethoven” dramatizes his dysfunctional family dynamic and developing deafness which contributed to his irascible demeanor.   Many of these skits will mesmerize students with the same fascination as a soap opera holds for young and old as we find ourselves drawn in by the pure humanity that we discover in our favorite but flawed characters.  The same holds true for many of our historical icons, whether or not time and the textbooks have chosen to gloss over the grit.

Edge-u-cation offers classroom plays with an edge; short dramodies, written in the vernacular of today, reproduction friendly, complete with creative staging ideas for low-budget production, but always packed with pertinent factoids and a dynamic and often darkly humorous story flow that stealthily teaches through the prism of other cultural viewpoints.

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