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Paw Prints On My Soul … A (Puppy) Love Story

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Who knew that two tiny middle-aged rescues, one missing an eye and one missing an ear could become certified therapy dogs?

Who knew that two retired senior citizens who had lost their previous fur kids at ages 21 and 15 would stumble upon the above rescues, adopt them and train them into therapy dogs….and become commissioned chaplains in the process (the people, of course – not the dogs, although in their own way, they perform their own ministry!)

Who knew there would be a book about this ministry/adventure/journey that is a unique combo-book; full of pictures and large text in the first half for read-aloud and ‘the rest of the story’ – as Paul Harvey always said – in the second half?

Who knew that, although planned to launch in May, it would finally be published right at the beginning of Fall…just in time for early holiday shopping for a meaningful yet entertaining gift?

Now that you know, you can find Paw Prints On My Soul at Yawn’s Books & More in Canton, Ga., online through Amazon or by contacting author Deb Gerace for a personalized signed copy and that always-coveted Kennesaw Ga. postmark? A portion of her personal sales will go to Furkids, who rescued Sammy & Babycakes and other local shelters.

For more info., contact Deb at geraced@gmail.com or 678-777-9027. Paw Prints On My Soul is written for ages 3 – 103, as one of the folks they visit with the dogs just celebrated her 103rd birthday and loves the book! A great story for parents or grandparents to read aloud to young children, but also a thoughtful journal of charting one’s course for a life of service for older readers.

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Are you the proud parent of a rescued fur kid? Stars in your crown for caring and be sure to share your story on this blog.

And remember…always wish on the Dog Star!

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