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The Trail of Tears

As do all the Edge-u-cation plays, this streamlined, but factual version of the Trail of Tears places the emphasis on the truth of the story, however politically incorrect it may be to do so. The time has come to honor the diversity of this country by illustrating how indigenous people, slaves and other tyrannized populations managed to survive and eventually thrive, in spite of cruelty, betrayal and other negative historical events usually only mentioned in passing in our school history books. As with all of the Edge-u-cation projects, I use modern speech idioms, wry humor and an interesting multiple-role hook to generate kid-interest and enthusiasm for learning about a bitter and shameful part of our past in a positive and constructive way. Click here to learn more and see a sample dialog from this play

Beethoven: He’s Not Just a St. Bernard Anymore

This title, of course, is in reference to an old movie starring a dog named Beethoven, but in this skit, the composer is once again the human being he was when he became the bridge that connected the Classical Era to the Romantic Era. Click here to find teaching ideas and sample dialog from this play.

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